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Traditionally, hotel software would be understood as an application installed on a computer on a hotel’s front desk.  However today, when the Internet has become a part of our everyday life we have become used to services and application that work with a single click, without the hassle of installations and updates.

So, when choosing hotel software that is right for your hotel, consider the various online hotel software that is available on the Internet.

Sirvoy’s hotel booking system will give you the functionality that traditional hotel software would offer but yet is easily accessible online. You simply login to your Sirvoy account to access your hotel software and manage your bookings. And you are not limited to the hotel’s front desk to access your hotel software; you can login from anywhere as long as you have Internet access.

Sirvoy’s hotel software includes:

  • Property management functionality – availability calendar, manage rooms and rates etc.
  • Hotel booking engine – accept bookings on your website
  • Hotel channel manager – publish your rooms on different hotel booking websites.

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Hotel software including PMS and hotel booking engine

Keeping availability and bookings up-to-date between the hotel booking engine on your website and hotel software that is locally installed in the hotel’s front desk, can be a difficult task. Bookings made online must somehow be retrieved by your hotel software. If your hotel software is web-based, rather then installed on a computer in your front desk, this communication will be made a lot simpler and more reliable.

With Sirvoy’s hotel reservation software, you will get an online hotel booking engine to put on your website, and bookings made through it will instantly appear in your Sirvoy account.

Our hotel booking software will also help you to manage your room types and room units, no matter what type of accommodation you offer. The software can also help you to keep track of room cleaning and maintenance, and in that sense, Sirvoy is also a PMS (property management system) for your hotel.

In other words, choose a hotel software that brings you all the features you need in one place and makes them easily accessible – online.

Features in Sirvoy hotel software

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