From Search to Stay: Enhancing Hotel Visibility with Google Hotel Ads and Sirvoy

26 March 2024, 03:03 GMT

An estimated 100 thousand Google searches happen every second1 and an overwhelming majority (91.6%) of all online searches happen through Google2. The world relies on it to research and learn.

Travelers are no exception; your potential guests use Google every day. To reach them, add Google Hotel Ads to your marketing toolbelt.

Hotel campaigns in Google Ads allow your property to be featured prominently across Google services such as Search, Maps, and My Business, showcasing your rates, availability, photos, and amenities directly to travelers searching in your area.

Why Opt for Google Ads? 

Google not only boosts your visibility but also makes booking simple. Through the ads, guests can access your booking engine, making it easier than ever for them to book with you without any hassle, leading to:

  • More direct bookings. Hospitality Net reports a 200% increase in bookings via ad-driven campaigns from 2013 to 2019, with Google Hotel Ads providing almost 60% of all metasearch bookings.
  • More cost effective. With Google’s Cost-Per-Action (CPA), you only pay a commission for actual bookings – not just added visibility or traffic.
  • More flexibility. Choose a commission rate that fits your budget, 3%, 5%, or 8%. The higher the rate, the more prominently your ad will be displayed.
  • More control. Guest details and all communications run through you – and not a booking channel.
  • More competitive costs. Even Google’s highest commission rate (8%) is a steal compared to what other channels charge (15%+). 

Maximizing Google Hotel Ads with Sirvoy 

For effective hotel campaigns, partnering with a certified Google Hotel Ads connectivity partner like Sirvoy is a must. We offer:

  • Real-time updates, keeping your Google Ads in sync with your availability and rates.
  • A seamless booking experience through our powerful booking engine, allowing guests to complete their reservations effortlessly, requiring no work from you or your team.
  • Easy setup. Check our Google Hotel Ads guide to set up your hotel campaigns on Google Ads.

Google Hotel Ads is a straightforward boost in visibility and direct bookings for half the cost of traditional booking channels. Plus, you only pay for actual bookings, making it a risk-free way to promote your hotel.

Follow our step-by-step Google Hotel Ads guide for easy setup.


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