At times you may want to link or redirect to the booking engine with preselected dates or some other pre-populated data, possibly together with some preselected category (location) that you manage on your account. This can be done by attaching query string parameters to the URL of the page where the booking engine has been installed. Please note that this feature requires some working knowledge of web development.

The way to accomplish this is by creating deep links. Note that this feature does not restrict the guest from changing the search parameters later on.

For the deep link to work, it needs to include at least these 3 parameters: check-in date, check-out date and number of guests.

Note: The deep link makes it possible to skip the category parameter even if you set that engine to “the guest must choose a specific category when a booking is made.”

The structure of the deep link needs to look like this:

The deep link parameters start with the “?” sign. This example above contains the 3 mandatory parameters, but the deep links support a number of additional parameters.

Example (taken with our Sirvoy Demo Engine):

Supported parameters and examples of what they should look like:

  • check_in Must be in YYYY-MM-DD format. check_in=2026-01-20
  • check_out Must be in YYYY-MM-DD format. check_out=2026-01-21
  • adults Number of guests in this booking. adults=1
  • category Pre-select a specific category for this booking. category_id=4013
  • rooms JSON string specifying pre-selected room types. For example: {“room-type-id-here”:[{“room_id”:”optional-room-id-here”}]} rooms=%7B"6614102"%3A%5B%7B"room_id"%3A"106614101"%7D%5D%7D
  • code Apply this coupon code. Use the Name of the coupon code as ID. code=2021
  • language Must be two-letter code (ISO 639-1). If set, it will override any language specified in the JavaScript code. language=es
  • target Defines which page should be displayed, can be either ‘search’ or ‘results’. target=results

The category parameter can be used to send your guest to a specific set of room types that you previously selected by using the Sirvoy “Category” feature. This can be useful if you manage several locations.

You can get most of the IDs needed for your deep link from the Sirvoy Calendar view.
This view includes some filters: Room type, and Category (if you have enabled the “Category” feature. If you filter the calendar by one of those parameters, the resulting URL will contain the ID you need, starting with the “?” sign.

If you want to link to a specific unit, you need to retrieve the unit ID by right-clicking on the unit on the previously mentioned Calendar view, and select “Inspect” or “Inspect element” (depending on the browser you use). You will get some code highlighted as a result. Retrieve the detail called: data-room-id="XXXXXXXX" to have the unit ID of that specific unit.

Advanced users can find more information at the top in the widget source: