At times you or your web designer may want to link to the Review Your Booking feature with the booking id and last name pre-filled. This can be done by attaching query string parameters to the URL of the page where the review form has been installed. Please note that this feature requires some basic knowledge of web development.

An example link could look something like this:

Supported parameters:

  • language Must be two-letter code (ISO 639-1). If set, it will override auto-detected language and any language specified in the JavaScript code.
  • booking_id The Sirvoy booking ID.
  • lastname As found in the booking.
Tip: If you are sending automated messages to guests, you can include a deep link to the Review Your Booking feature. Use placeholder codes for booking id (%bookingnumber%) and last name (%lastname%) when building the URL.

Technical documentation:

Advanced users can find more information at the top in the widget source: