The Review Your Booking form can be used for allowing your guests to do several things, such as paying the remaining amount or adding a new credit card for their booking. (See this article for all details regarding what can be done with the Review form.) After any of these actions, guests will be redirected back to the Review form, which is now updated according to the actions taken.

If you instead want guests to be redirected to a custom landing page, the installation code needs to be modified to include the target URL (your customized landing page). This can easily be accomplished by following these steps:

  1. Go to Settings -> Guest portal -> Installation and click “Install”.
  2. Click on “Embed on your own website (JavaScript)”.
  3. Click on “Advanced”.
  4. In the “Customized landing page URL” field, add the landing page you wish your guests to arrive at after their actions on the Review form.
  5. The code in the “Copy this code” will then change automatically and now includes your selected target URL.

This code can now be placed where you like the Review Your Booking form to appear. In this way, every time a booking is reviewed and any of the above-mentioned actions are taken, your guest will be redirected automatically.

Note: We recommend that the customized landing page include the Sirvoy booking engine for the guest to reach a confirmation page (including information like added credit card, the paid amount, etc).