Our intuitive website builder helps you create a simple responsive webpage in just a few steps. This article provides an easy guide so that you can create your own attractive webpage. You will also see an instant preview (desktop or mobile views), so that all you need to do is click “save”.

It’s simple: Set. Save. Show.

Step 1: Enable Website Builder

  1. Go to Settings -> Booking engines.
  2. Click the three dots adjacent to the booking engine you want.
  3. In the drop-down list, click “Enable Website Builder.”

Once enabled, you will be directed to the website builder and for future access the label will now show as “Website Builder”.

Step 2: Set Appearance

Under Global Settings -> Appearance, define how you want your webpage to look. Here you have different options:

  • “Colors” – choose colors for such areas as the background, menu or clickable elements (e.g. use “Primary” to change color of E-Mail, phone or social media links).
  • “Menu” – decide on the height of the menu bar and if it should be fixed or should scroll up along with the webpage.
  • “Fonts” – choose between a number of fonts to personalize your webpage headers.

Step 3: Set Content

Under Sections, you can decide what is to be included in your webpage. By clicking a section, you can customize the wording for the menu labels “Home”, “About Us”, “Rooms” and “Contact” in all supported languages as selected in your Sirvoy system, as well as add title and subtitle for each of these sections where applicable. While the section “Home” will always show on your webpage by default, you have the option of enabling or disabling the display of the other sections. Additionally, within each section, you have the following options:

  • “Home” – Under Settings -> Background, you can use one of the images provided or upload your own background image and decide how it should be displayed on your webpage. Settings -> Title & Subtitle will allow you to choose its alignment and color. Try out different options and see which works best in the instant preview. Simply click the “Save” button at the top of the page once you are happy with the settings.
  • “Gallery” – This section, when enabled, allows you to upload images for your guests to view as a gallery (under Settings -> Images). In the uploading process you have the option of editing the image before confirming the upload. You also have different thumbnail view sizes to choose from in your settings and can change the display order of the images. When clicking an uploaded image, the gallery view will open in slide show mode for your guests to gently be taken through the gallery automatically. The guest can also manually view the images at his own pace, and also has the option of full screen view for an even more immersive experience.
  • “About Us” – Here you can use the provided text box to add a description about your property and anything else you would like your guests to know about you. Use the Markdown feature to style your text as desired.
  • “Room Types” – Enabling this section will by default show all the room types available on your property and their images as displayed on your booking engine. The images shown are those you have uploaded for each room type in Sirvoy. Clicking on any room type image will reveal the description as defined in the accommodation you have set up in Sirvoy. If you prefer to show only selected room types in this section of your website builder, under Settings -> Visibility of room types deactivate the switch “All room types in booking engine” and activate the selected room types you want to show.
  • “Terms and Conditions” – You can enable this section to publish your terms and conditions for the guest to view. Use the text box provided in this section to add your terms and conditions and any other important information for your guests. With the Markdown feature you can style your text as desired.
  • “Contact” – Under Settings -> Contact Information, you can choose to either display the default contact information as defined in your Sirvoy system, or customize the information exclusively for your webpage. Settings -> Social will allow you to add any social media links. Your webpage will then immediately display the relevant linked social media symbol on your webpage under “Find us on”.

Step 4: Make Yourself Visible

The Sirvoy Website Builder helps you to be seen by more people. Here’s how:

  • Under Global Settings -> Domain, you will see different domain name options to choose from. Simply add the domain name of your choice together with any of the domains provided. Click “Save” to make the domain name yours. Then click “Visit site” at the top of the page to open your finished webpage to share with everyone!
  • Under Global Settings -> SEO, you can define how you want to be found on internet search engines. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the practice of optimizing your web pages for better ranking in search results pages. Part of the SEO process is using good keywords in your title and description: words and phrases that describe what your content is about and your location. Then a search engine (such as Google) uses that information to determine which content is relevant to a particular search query, and how the page should rank in searches for a particular term. That’s what gives a web page its search ranking.

Go to “Description” under Content -> Basic to add relevant keywords or phrases in your chosen language.

On Google, you can additionally verify ownership of your webpage. In this process you are provided with an HTML tag value. Copy this value and paste it in the field “Google SearchConsole HTML Tag value (content)” under Settings -> Google. This will increase your ranking and the chances of being discovered by more potential guests within the Google search engine.