Even though the availability is synced between Sirvoy and the channels almost instantaneously, there is always a small risk of double bookings when the same physical room is made available on multiple booking channels simultaneously. Here are some things that might lead to overbookings, thus also providing a guide on how to avoid them:

  • Simultaneous bookings. The last room could in the same instant be booked both through your website and another booking channel.
  • Incorrect room type mappings. For example:
    • If the booked room type has not been mapped, Sirvoy will not be able to add the booking correctly and it will be flagged as an overbooking.
    • If several channel rates have been created for a (the same) channel room type and they have been mapped to two or more Sirvoy room types, then all those Sirvoy room types must contain the same sets of units. Otherwise availability will not update correctly and overbookings may occur. Example: “Sirvoy room type A” mapped to the channel rate “Double Room Standard”, and “Sirvoy room type B” mapped to the channel rate “Double Room Non-refundable”, must both contain the exact same units. (To ensure that unit sets are the same, create duplicate room types in Sirvoy to correspond to the different rates of the channel’s room type.)”
    • If a unit is sold under two (or more) mapped room types on the same channel, an overbooking may occur when a booking is made containing both room types simultaneously. (For example, if “Unit A” is sold under the room types “Double Room” and “Single Room” at the same time.)
  • Change of room in the Sirvoy booking, to one from a different room type than the originally booked one. Because such a change is not reflected on the channel booking, this might in some cases lead to availability discrepancy between Sirvoy and the channel which, in turn, can lead to an overbooking. Room type changes should therefore always be made on the channel’s end.

When an overbooking occurs, the booking channel will expect you to promptly inform them so that, depending on your agreement, the partner service of the channel can help find a solution as soon as possible. To avoid overbookings to the furthest extent possible, you could choose to exclude a limited number of rooms from being shared with booking channels.