While email confirmations are sent automatically to the guests by default, text messages are not. This feature needs to be enabled by you, since a fee is charged for each SMS sent.

  1. Create an SMS template and indicate that it should be sent automatically (see related articles).
  2. Enable the setting “Opt-in for SMS by default” in Settings -> Booking engine -> General options for booking engine.

Please note:

  • Make sure that the booking has a valid phone number. Sirvoy will try to send the SMS if the number passes a basic validation. The carriers will charge for the message even if the number is invalid.
  • SMS booking confirmations will only be sent if the guest ticked the box “Send SMS confirmation” at the time of booking.
  • All other automated text messages will be sent only if the booking is opted-in for automated text messages. See the setting “Send automated text messages” when editing contact details for the booking.
  • Bookings will automatically be opted-in for text messages if the guest requested the SMS confirmation at the time of booking, or if you enabled “Opt-in for SMS by default”, as mentioned above.
  • If you include an email address or a link in your SMS, be aware that some carriers (especially in the USA) filter them automatically and might block the sending.