On the Statistics page you will find the revenue for a certain period presented in different ways:

  1. “Value” is the total of all daily prices for the selected dates (including rooms, extras and surcharges), but actual payments may not have been received then.
  2. The “Invoicing columns represent the sales registered during the period, from an accounting perspective.
  3. The “Payments columns represent the actual payments registered during the period.

For example, let’s say you receive a new booking in February. The booking total is $100. You immediately create an invoice in Sirvoy and send it to the guest. You receive the payment via bank transfer in March and register the payment in Sirvoy. The booking stay dates are in August.

When checking the statistics for February, the “Value” will be $0, since no rooms were occupied during that period. “Payments” will also be $0, since no payment was received in February.  But the value for “Invoices” will be $100.

When checking the statistics for March, the “Value” will still be $0. However, “Payments” will show $100, since the payment was received during this month. The value for “Invoices” will be $0, since no invoices were created.

Finally when checking the statistics for August, the “Value” will be $100, since the stay occurred during this month. But the value for “Invoices” and “Payments” will now be $0.