There are two different ways you can do this.

Splitting the booking into two:

  1. Go to the booking details page and click “Divide booking”.
  2. Indicate which items should be moved to the new booking.
  3. Create an invoice or cash receipt for the two bookings separately.

Creating two customized invoices/receipts from the original booking:

  1. Go to the booking details page and click “Create invoice”.
  2. Uncheck the items that should not be paid by the first guest. Quantity and amounts can also be modified.
  3. Review and create the first invoice.
  4. Go back to the booking details page and click “Create invoice” again.
  5. This time the remaining items, not yet paid, are preselected.
  6. Review and create the second invoice.
  7. Combined, the two invoices should now match the booking total.

Note: Splitting an invoiced booking will link the invoice to the original booking, showing it as over-invoiced. The new booking created in the split shows as uninvoiced.