Sometimes you may need to make a partial refund to a guest. If you use Stripe, this can be done easily from the booking details page (see this article). Other payment methods, such as PayPal or a card machine, require manual steps for payments to be refunded.

If a cash receipt was created before making the partial refund (receipt is locked), you must follow certain steps for the refund to be displayed correctly in the booking, on the cash receipt and in the accounting report.

Here’s an example on how to do so:

Let’s say you have a booking of $100. It is paid and you have created a cash receipt. You now want to make a partial refund of $40 and want the booking and the accounting report to show that the guest has paid $60 and does not owe you anything more. You also want to be able to print out a correct cash receipt.

  1. Make a refund of $40 (If you use Stripe click the red arrow icon on the booking details page. After the refund you can go directly to step 3, since a new payment line will be added on the booking details page, showing the refund.)
  2. On the booking details page click “Add payment note” and add a note of $-40, naming it “Refunded amount”.
  3. Click “Add Extras” and name it “Refund”. Write $-40 under “Unit price”.
  4. Click on the old cash receipt that had a value of $100 and credit it by clicking on “Create credit cash receipt”.
  5. Go back to the booking and create a new cash receipt. The new cash receipt now has a value of $60 (since the extra “Refund” of $-40 is linked to it).

When the new cash receipt has been created, the refund is visible in the booking, “Balance due” is “$0” and a receipt can be printed. It is also correctly registered in the accounting report.

Tip! For step 3 above, you can create a predefined internal Extra called “Refund” under Settings -> Extras -> Add new and link it to a specific ledger account for clearer accounting.