Before a new channel connection can be activated, you need to do a room type mapping. This means that you describe which room types in Sirvoy represent or correspond to the room types that exist in the booking channel. The mapping will allow the two systems to know which room type is referred to, when updates and bookings are sent back and forth.

  1. Go to Settings -> Channels and click “Edit” for the booking channel you want to map.
  2. You will see a list of the room types and rates available in the booking channel.
  3. For each channel room type and rate, select the equivalent Sirvoy room type from the drop down. (You may have to create new “duplicate” room types in Sirvoy, if there are many different rates to be mapped.) See note box below for more information concerning correct mapping.


  • Different Sirvoy room types, mapped to different channel room types, should not contain the same units. Example: “Unit A” in Sirvoy, should not be sold under both room type “Double Room”, and room type “Single Room” in the channel; it should only be sold under one of them.
  • If several channel rates have been created for a (the same) channel room type and they have been mapped to two or more Sirvoy room types, then all those Sirvoy room types must contain the same sets of units. Otherwise availability will not update correctly and overbookings may occur. Example: “Sirvoy room type A” mapped to the channel rate “Double Room Standard”, and “Sirvoy room type B” mapped to the channel rate “Double Room Non-refundable”, must both contain the exact same units.
    (To ensure that unit sets are the same, create duplicate room types in Sirvoy to correspond to the different rates of the channel’s room type.)”
Important: The currency you are using in your Sirvoy account must match the currency used in the channel. You can change the currency for your Sirvoy account here: Settings -> Your account -> Localization.